Tuesday, 11 August 2009

IAAF Green Project – Berlin 2009

Berlin 2009 logo  (c)

Berlin 2009 logo (c)


    • IAAF Green Project logo

    Berlin, Germany - The IAAF Green Project is an environmental initiative by the IAAF to promote the most environmentally sound implementation of athletics events as possible. The aim of the project at the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics, Berlin, Germany (15–23 August 2009) is to contribute to more environmentally conscious thinking and actions by everyone involved.

    Following the example set at the 11th IAAF World Championships in Athletics, Osaka 2007 and in continuation of the Green Project, BOC, the Local Organising Committee of Berlin 2009 is deliberately approaching the task and responsibility of preparing and executing the World Championships as environmentally friendly as possible.

    To do so, BOC, is carrying out various projects and every internal procedure in the organisation is being critically examined for opportunities to be more environmental, and all volunteers are being schooled in environmental issues.

    Each event ticket also includes travel to and from the competition on the excellent Berlin public transportation system – click here to read more

    In addition to the optimisation of transportation and logistics and the reduction of energy usage, BOC’s key areas of environmental activity also include garbage and recycling management, construction and building management, as well as the sourcing of materials.

    Plant for the Planet

    BOC also supports the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) tree-planting initiative “Plant for the Planet” for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

    In addition to calling for donations, Berlin 2009 will be planting a tree for each of the 47 World Champions to create an “Avenue of Champions”.

    Join in and do your part to make the World Championships an environmentally friendly event!

    Donations - http://www.plant-for-the-planet.org/en