Thursday, 20 August 2009


This is just great! It did happen. I am very happy. I want to thank God, my coaches, my supporters and fans and the meeting director. This is due to hard work. And my dream really has come true. My coach told me that I am going to win the gold medal. Barbados is only a small country, but I showed the world who I am. I am very sorry that Dayron Robles was not in the race. It was a very competitive race, shocking and exciting. At the first hurdle I thought 'I do not have this race anymore.' But then I fought and kept to the rhythm. I was just hard praying to God 'Help me'. The reactions back home? Everyone is proud and happy. I am just grateful of myself. I just want to maintain my strength this year and the next years until the next Olympics.

It was not good. I hit the last hurdle and it slowed me down. I cannot afford to do this - especially not at the World championships. Ryan is a young kid and he became a world champion. It is something above his ability.

I don't know if I am happy or disappointed. I'm happy to medal but I definitely wanted the gold. On the 5th or 6th hurdle, I hit the obstacle and I felt back. I could feel the deviation. I knew I was a little behind.

I am just a boy from a small village who got into the big athletic world. I am happy that I showed to all Czech athletes that it is possible to get so hight. This is my dream and I believe that if I did not have the health problems during this season, I could have ffight for medals. But I am very satisfied with this and I want to send a message to the world that I do not give up and they have to count with me.